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Benefits of Melava

o    Jeevansangini organizes Melava Specially in Diwali so that the Candidate who works outside Nagpur city can attend it.
o    Melava is attended by Candidate from all the Profession & Education.
o    The Booklet would content the list of Candidate who would be attendin the Melava that day.
o    Serial Number allotted to Candidate is only identification of that Particular Candidate. This Identification helps the Parents to take the vital decision.
o    Sometimes Candidate feel insecure while introducing himself / herself so we let our Anchor to Introduce the Candidate.
o    While Introducing the Candidate, his /her Profile Picture is displayed on the LED wall so that it would be clear visible to all.
o   Unlike other Matrimony Portal Jeevansangini organizes meeting for the Interested Candidate in the Third Session of the Melava for more Interaction.

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