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     Jeevansangini gives an Opportunity to Members to interact with number of Prospects from their communities at the same time and on the same day. The Main Objective of our Event is to facilitate the Process of finding a Life partner Various New Candidate Participate in our Melava otherthan available Database. Our Melava is totally different from other Melava because of the unique feature called Meeting session. Our main Purpose is to fix maximum meeting for the Candidate & Parent

Process of Melava

o    Distribution of profile Booklets at Gate.
o   The Activity Begins with informal introduction of jeevansangini Center Also a briefing is giving to the candidates about the  process of the event. Profile booklet contains all the details without contact number of candidates attending the function by participants.
o    Candidates introduced by Anchor of jeevansagini.com
o    Break for Lunch / Refreshment. A Break is given to allow parents & Candidates to Mingle. They can also Approach Candidates they are interested in Meeting of Individual Parties.
o     Families can meet Prospective Partners for their Children directly. We also help them to approach to the Prospects they like

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